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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A little me time...

Blogger is having a better day today, so I can show you what will be going on the needles once I finish Kyle's "Da Bears" (tm Bezzie) Socks: These 2 skeins of yarn are destined to become this hat:
The previously secret project made it to it's destination, so here it is in all of it's glory.

It's a modification of Ev's Tentacao Toque pattern. The top shaping is lifted from the clapotis cap pattern I used Paton's Classic Merino and Katia Mexico; the brim is knit with a strand of each, and the remainder was knit with 2 strands together of the Classic Merino. The 2 yarns coordinated so well that I couldn't resist picking them up and knitting something with them. Luckily I know someone who looks good in pale blue.

These yarns are going to be a brioche stitch scarf: This was the last skein of KidLin in this color at the LYS (I don't know what it is about me and orphan skeins), and the silk/merino yarn was the perfect match. It's going to be interesting to see what the texture of the final product is going to be. It is taking all of my willpower to stick to the socks before starting one of these projects. I think the fact that both of them will require hauling out the swift to wind the skeins into balls is my saving grace.

Comments on "A little me time..."


Blogger Zonda said ... (Wed Dec 13, 12:10:00 PM EST) : 

That is some lovely yarn there! I love all thouse colors! I love the colors you used on your hat too! :)


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Wed Dec 13, 02:37:00 PM EST) : 

I love the crown detail on that hat! And that green Jo Sharp looks soooo pettable!

I wish I could take TM rights on "Da Bears" but I have to give props to my beloved Mike Meyers for that one!


Blogger LadyLungDoc said ... (Wed Dec 13, 09:01:00 PM EST) : 

Ah, yes, but you tagged the socks with it!


Blogger Batty said ... (Wed Dec 13, 09:56:00 PM EST) : 

What beautiful yarn! I love, love, love the hat, and your yarn is gorgeous. Did I mention the yarn? It's great!

Keep adopting those skeins!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Thu Dec 14, 10:13:00 AM EST) : 

hey that's my hat!!!!!
have i mention that i love it?
it fits perfectly.
the green yarn looks yummy too.


Blogger turtlegirl76 said ... (Thu Dec 14, 03:24:00 PM EST) : 

Those colors. Oh, those colors. Wow.


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