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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Argh. Blogger doesn't want to upload photos. Maybe Blogger hasn't had a real vacation since February (a vacation that didn't involve going somewhere else to work), and is starting to resent having demands made on it's time. Perhaps Blogger is starting to feel flashes of rage when totally reasonable requests are made of it. And the fact that Blogger's next real day off isn't until the 28 or 29th of December probably isn't helping.

Or maybe Blogger is just grumpy this morning because Blogger's pager went off at 3:46 AM when a patient decided to pull a tube out of his chest that Blogger had taken the time to carefully insert yesterday afternoon. And the insult added to Blogger's injury is that the on call guy didn't answer the initial page, which lead the nurse to decide to page Blogger, despite the fact that Blogger just finished a very busy call week. Which of course made it difficult for Blogger to get back to sleep, since Blogger was recalling the many many nights when Blogger got woken from sleep because of wackiness that was going on with the other guy's patients.

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Blogger Bezzie said ... (Tue Dec 12, 11:31:00 AM EST) : 

Sounds like Blogger ought to have some words with other guy.

I'm sorry that Blogger is exhausted and grumpy. If I could help Blogger out, I would!!!


Blogger Ceallach said ... (Tue Dec 12, 12:39:00 PM EST) : 

Clearly blogger should either go on strike, or get better pay, since it's free.

I don't pretend to understand the life as a lungdoc or any other kind of doc for that matter, but I do know that being on call, and/or getting calls is very disruptive, and I never get back to sleep after.....


Blogger Liz said ... (Wed Dec 13, 09:28:00 AM EST) : 

Oh dear. Blogger really is having a rough time of it these days, isn't it? It sounds like Blogger should plan a January or February vacation, even if only to sit at home and drink hot cocoa.


Blogger Sweet Camden Lass said ... (Wed Dec 13, 12:10:00 PM EST) : 

Eek! That sounds absolutely awful (beats my flatmate who was waiting for a baby to appear yesterday. It didn't...)


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