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Saturday, December 09, 2006

This post is brought to you by the letter S

Seasonal Affective Disorder inducing Saturday Sky From December thru March, it is unusual to have a sunny day here because of temperature inversions...
Sensational Sunrise...but some days are less cloudy than others
Silly SomersetWhat's a post without a cat photo? Somerset can be quite weird at times - one of her favorite things to do is to rub her face against zippers; I wasn't quick enough to catch a shot of her with her head entirely inside my purse.
Spousal Socks

They are striping nicely, with only occasional colour overlap. It seems to me like my progress is really slow, because my mind doesn't seem to grasp the concept that it should take twice as long as working on one sock. If I was doing one sock at a time, I'd be about to start turning the heel.

Snazzy Silver Skate Ski Shoes I have decided that I will start cross country skiing again. Come January, while I am between jobs, I plan to pop over to the loal trails a few times a week.

Comments on "This post is brought to you by the letter S"


Blogger Zonda said ... (Sat Dec 09, 05:46:00 PM EST) : 

Interesting to hear about no sun for all that time! Your socks are coming along! My cat has been sleeping on my soon to be finished wall quilt! They are mischevious aren't they! One day, when we return to Maine, I'll definately be cross country skiing again! :)


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Sat Dec 09, 07:55:00 PM EST) : 

Well you have to give her credit--that is a cool purse!

I'm jealous of your cross country skiing. I thought about taking it up in MI but the snow never stuck around long enough to justify the expense of buying a pair of skis.


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