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Monday, November 20, 2006

Kids scare me

Sick kids, that is. I did my medical school pediatrics rotation in 1992, and have almost exclusively treated adults since then. I had to see a young kid in the ER this weekend, and for reasons that are somewhat complex, I am the "most responsible physician" - I avoid that status in general, let along when I am dealing with someone outside my usual patient group.

I am worried; this kid is sick, but has the potential to get much sicker. It's funny how some patients get under your skin, while others make little impression on you.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Tue Nov 21, 12:09:00 AM EST) : 

Me 2! My rotation in peds as an intern is something I would never repeat. Many years later (I refuse to date myself !) I still remember several kids that got under my skin and never crawled out. I do not have kids of my own and I know my horror of sick kids has a lot to do with it.


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