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Friday, October 06, 2006

World's ugliest socks...

I started working on my first pair of Jaywalkers on the plane during my recent trip. I was using Opal Zebra yarn; someone else in blogland had used this yarn for Jaywalkers, and they looked awesome - the black stripes zigged and zagged back and forth. I started off casting on 90 stitches so it would accomodate my big feet. I got a few inches done, and then in the hotel, I tried them on - they were way too wide. So I frogged it, and started over casting on fewer stitches.
The result wasn't pretty. Unfortunately, the stripes "pooled" into one big stripe spiralling down the sock, with the odd fleck of black here and there. Hard to imagine something black and white that could look worse.

In other news, I am quitting my job here as of the end of December, and heading to Ontario in the New Year. [Man, for someone who hates moving, I sure find myself doing it alot.]
We are heading for the big city - Toronto.

I am going to miss the view...

Comments on "World's ugliest socks..."


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Sat Oct 07, 09:33:00 AM EDT) : 

Wow, those really aren't attractive. Hopefully they will live again as something more atractive. Good luck with the move.


Blogger Ev said ... (Sat Oct 07, 11:02:00 AM EDT) : 

Moving????? You're moving?? I'll miss you!

And yes, the yarn would be better in a different pattern... or try starting at a different spot, perhaps.

Moving.... well!


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Sat Oct 07, 12:22:00 PM EDT) : 

Yikes. Yeah, um, yup, those were ugly!

Moving huh? I'll hopefully be feeling your moving pain. But you'll have a good time in your new life/location.


Blogger cpurl17 said ... (Sat Oct 07, 03:18:00 PM EDT) : 

Good luck with your move--it will be hard to let go of that view but I hope your new location will bring you lots of good fortune and happiness!


Blogger Lynn said ... (Sat Oct 07, 06:51:00 PM EDT) : 

Whew, you really had me scared there for a minute! I was afraid that your Socks of Doom had arrived, and that you *hated* them, LOL.

Casting my vote with you and the others: this is not the right yarn for Jaywalkers. Not unless you're dressing as a harlequin-on-crack for Halloween!

These are my friend Jeri's Jaywalkers, with her commentary on tweaking the pattern.

She wore them to Knit Night last Tuesday, and they are *splendid*. I wonder if it's because the colors in her yarn are all pretty much the same value, only differing in hue?

Very much interested in seeing your finished [someday] Jaywalkers, and also what you decide to make up from this yarn.


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