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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Secret Pal

I just joined the One Skein Secret Pal Swap as well as the Blogger Secret Pal 8.
Which means I should be blogging more - will have to give some serious thought to getting a new digital camera (so that the old one can be devoted to blogging photos). Since I just went wayy overboard on an ebay wool buying spree, it is a good idea for me to start giving things away.

I am also very excited that I will be going to the Seattle Knitting Expo - and I am registered for 2 Cat Bohrdi seminars. I'm not only looking forward to learning how to make Mobiuses (what is the plural of Mobius - Mobii?), but to spending some time in the presence of someone who is so serene. I'm so pragmatic that I would usually roll my eyes at her description of the "magic" of mobius knits, but these days, I could use a bit of childlike wonder.

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Blogger VTOldie - said ... (Sun Mar 26, 08:07:00 PM EST) : 

I have been on a knitting jag since Chrtitmas... knitted 8 scarves two hats and almost finished a vest... the yarns are so beautiful... enjoy... One of these days we need to have a scarf party and have all my friends wear their scarves... take care. Marilyn


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