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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ebay hangover

Wow - I bid on a hell of alot of yarn. Lucky for me that I lost several auctions.
My hubby just got back in town today - poor thing had a stomach bug that had him sick for a few days. He was somewhat perturbed by my little shopping spree, although I have to admit that he is really being very good about the whole thing.
Spent quite some time sorting through the notification emails and paying most of the sellers. They are going to know me by name soon at the postal outlet.

I recieved my Schachenmayr yarn yesterday - more ultramarine than teal, but it feels nice and soft. I am swatching it - man, but swatching on circs is tedious. I think I've only done about 4 or 5 rounds - and I should do at least 40, I imagine. Will post pictures some time in the next few days

I also registered for an Intermediate French course through Parks and Recreation; there is a French Immersion cruise on the St Laurence river this summer that I would like to take, and I am also just starting to plan a trip to Paris this September...

My parents come to visit this Thursday for about 10 days, which is making my hubby stressed, and me triply stressed (because I have to worry about them enjoying themselves, how he is coping with them, AND whether or not they are bothered by something about him) One of the items I bid on was a novelty yarn that I thought my mom might use to knit something for my niece (AKA the golden child); it would give her something to keep her occupied in the evenings, at least.

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