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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer FO

I have accumulated a number of projects that are "finished" with respect to the knitting part of the process, but are not yet completed - Poppy and Flair being the most recent: I often end up stalling at the point of weaving in ends, blocking, or sewing buttons on. I knit a pair of baby booties a few years ago when one of The Gambler's friends was expecting a baby - all that remains is to crochet 2 chains on each bootie and sew on buttons; the kid is now starting preschool, and the booties remain unfinished...

For example - I finished knitting these 2 Cable Baby Cardis during the Olympics; I even finished weaving in the ends before that final hockey game started. But it wasn't until last Thursday night that I finally got around to sewing on the snaps and the buttons so that I could give them to the moms-to-be (both of whom are due to go on maternity leave within the next week or 2).

completed baby cardis

I didn't get around to buying the snaps until that morning, and then realized that afternoon that I did not have could not find an appropriate sewing needle (all I could find were darning needles that were too thick), so I ended up picking up a pack of them when we went out to go see a movie. I stayed up late so that they could be delivered before anybody's water broke.

snap detail

Despite my awesome procrastinating skills, I decided that I would completely finish Dusk Jewel in time to wear it this season: this weekend I not only wove in the ends, but I also did the crab stitch edging on the armholes (several times, since the first attempt was too loose, the second attempt was too tight, and finally on the third attempt it was juuuust right)

Dusk Jewel: vest
Because there's an inch or 2 of ease around the waist and hip, it will definitely work as a vest. (Just not over a tunic length blouse - or maybe I can start a new fad.)

And here is some very blurry evidence that it will work as a tank as well.

Dusk Jewel: tank
(I really have to figure out where I can do mirror self-portraits other than our main floor bathroom) .

The Mumble Cardigan is progressing slowly - other than increases at each end of every 4th row, it's mindless stockinette. Unfortunately, the knitpicks needles have a tendancy to unscrew every so often, and the plies of the yarn often separate, so it doesn't zip along as quickly as you would think.

There are a few more summer tops that I have been considering starting, however, I am attending a course in Chicago next week, so I am possibly going to cast on an Eiffel Tower Shawl
to be my travel knitting. My rationale is that since it is knit from the top centre outwards, much of the early part of the shawl is stockinette with just enough pattern bits to keep it from being monotonous. I will use some laceweight merino/silk that I received from a Secret Pal 2+ years ago.

Speaking of Secret Pal gifts - to my current Secret Pal: Thanks for the second package! I opened it yesterday, and will do the photo documentation in the next few days.

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