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Monday, July 14, 2008

Captions and Catch up.

I think I cursed myself by implying that I would post captions for these photos within 2 weeks. Granted, I have myself to blame for some of the stuff that kept me busy -more about that in another post.

Deck of the ship. I took this photo while 95% of the ship's occupants were ooohing and aaahing over the Hubbard Glacier.

Entrance to an abandoned mine just outside Juneau.

The requisite "Me with a famous knitter" shot. Yes, I got to hang out with Melinda, who is known far and wide as the girl who crocheted her wedding dress.

That's someone called Amy in the middle - she has something to do with knitting on The Internets.

Port of Victoria. Sadly, because of rough seas, we had much less time to spend there than was originally scheduled. We did have time enough to go to Beehive Yarns, where I was surprised to learn that in British Columbia, yarn is exampt from Provincial Sales Tax (unlike in Ontario). You'd think I would have realized that when I actually lived there.

Glassybabies - I'd not heard of them until Jamie and I checked out their Seattle factory.

These fanciful bird nests were for sale at an embroidery/quilting shop in Ketchikan. It was just down the hallway from the yarn shop.

As we were driving to the airport, I asked The Gambler if there was anything he wanted me to bring back for him. He thought for a minute, and said "A polar bear skin rug".

I pointed out that that might be a bit more than I could fit into my suitcase. "Well then just bring back the head", he told me. This hat from a souvenir shop in Ketchikan filled the bill.


I enjoyed reading all the comments left on my recent contest post.

The cats' votes for "Most Creative" winner were tied - Somerset thought that Ellen's panty liner box idea was brilliant (if only because Somerset loves crawling inside boxes), but Greedo thought that Elaine's Pampers(tm) Bag story was better - I think he liked it when she told her husband "There was a sale", without elaborating exactly what was on sale.

So both Ellen and Elaine win!

And, the random draw winner is: The Happy College Knitter.

Photos of their prizes should be up soon within 2 weeks in a future blog post.

Comments on "Captions and Catch up."


Blogger betseydoodle said ... (Mon Jul 14, 06:22:00 PM EDT) : 

Yeah! that looked like a really fun trip!

I've been to Beehive - it's a sweet shop.


Blogger Bridget said ... (Mon Jul 14, 06:48:00 PM EDT) : 

Wow, what a fantastic trip! I really enjoyed the pictures.

And the polar bear hat is perfect ...


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Mon Jul 14, 08:28:00 PM EDT) : 

Two weeks, two months...close enough right?

I think the ship picture is my fave. I've seen enough glaciers and mine shafts in my day. ;-)


Blogger Aunt Kathy said ... (Mon Jul 14, 09:42:00 PM EDT) : 

A bear skin rug hat, too funny


Blogger Elaine said ... (Mon Jul 14, 10:29:00 PM EDT) : 

Oh wow! I won just when I needed to win something. Really great. So now what do I do?

Your photos look wonderful.

And since my daughter is now long out of diapers, I'm going to use some of the other creative ideas for where to hide er ... store my stash. Now where can I get a canoe? Blogless - if you read this and you're done with yours, please let me know :-)


Anonymous Trudy said ... (Wed Jul 16, 09:51:00 AM EDT) : 

I've ALWAYS been lucky when cats have picked things for me! Hope you got my e-mail sending my address. I can't imagine the fun you must have had on your trip--what a way to vacation--yarn around the world!!


Blogger ellen (not!) said ... (Sat Aug 02, 07:14:00 PM EDT) : 

Hi--this is Ellen-(Trudy in real life)--and I won one of your prizes for best hiding place--I haven't gotten an e-mail from you, so my e-mail is you'll just shoot me a line with contest in the subject line--I can send you my snailmail address! Thanks so muchppI hate to open mail from people I don't know, so if you put contestm I'll know it's from you!


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