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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This post brought to you by the letter A

I joined the 2008 ABC along (will update with a link in the next few days), and I have until the 19th to post on the letter A.

I was Absolutely Amazed to find that our Amazon order Arrived 3 days After placing the order:
Amazon order
That's Astonishingly fast!

Of course no post is complete without An Adorable cat photo:
Adorable Somerset
Or photos of cat Adoration:
Somerset Adores The Gambler

Greedo Adores the Gambler

As An Afterthought, here's A sweater update:

Body is done, sleeves Are in progress
The sleeves Are being knit 2 At A time on one circ, using 4 different skeins.

Which may drive me to An insane Asylum.

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Comments on "This post brought to you by the letter A"


Blogger Carol said ... (Tue Jan 15, 09:56:00 PM EST) : 

Amazing! (couldn't resist) Love the kitty pics!


Blogger Glenna C said ... (Tue Jan 15, 10:56:00 PM EST) : 

Awww, da ickle cootie snookums... ::scratches their ears:: What cutie kitties. And that sweater looks fantastic, I love the striped effect.


Blogger CathyCate said ... (Tue Jan 15, 11:47:00 PM EST) : 

Oh, those sleeves are a one-way trip on the crazy boat! I've done that -- it seemed like a good idea at the time.... ummm, maybe I was being too clever for my own good and sanity, despite the advantages of knitting both sleeves at once.
An Astounding Amount of A's there!


Blogger Sandi Purl said ... (Wed Jan 16, 11:09:00 AM EST) : 

A most kissAss post. thAt sweAter is just kickinAlong and those cAts Are sure Adorable!


Blogger Martina said ... (Wed Jan 16, 01:59:00 PM EST) : 

Ay! You Are An Amazing A afficionado!


Blogger Somer said ... (Thu Jan 17, 11:24:00 AM EST) : 

Happy Thursday Lady!
Your sweater is coming along beautifully, I can't wait to see the finished project modeled :)
I hope you are enjoying knitting for yourself.
Your kitties are darling and look very comfy and cozy!
Hope your week is going smoothly!


Blogger Gotta Knit! said ... (Fri Jan 18, 06:58:00 AM EST) : 

great "A" post. I think the white kitty is making a move on your guy.


Blogger The Kelly Green Rogue said ... (Sat Jan 19, 11:03:00 AM EST) : 

he he he. Fun!


Blogger Batty said ... (Sun Jan 20, 09:01:00 AM EST) : 

Oh, wow. How do you keep the 4 skeins from tangling up beyond any hope of untangling, ever?

Your kitties smile too! It's the cutest thing. You can just tell they're happy, happy fuzzballs when they do that.


Blogger Brigitte said ... (Sun Jan 27, 08:18:00 AM EST) : 

Both sleeves at the same time!? Eeep... How's that working out for you?!! :D

Such beautiful little kitties!


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