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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Socks on a Plane

I'm back in BC for a week - we are taking a ski vacation. Big White was our "local" ski hill before we moved. As I was packing for the trip, I realized that there are some things about living in Kelowna that I really do miss - like having a cross country ski club and trails 25 minutes away, and a ski hill was 60 minutes away. Now they are a 4.5 hour flight away...

On the flight over here, I had 2 different plane knitting projects:
das boot cuff
The Das Boot Socks I am knitting for The Gambler. This yarn is annoyingly splitty, but for the most part I was able successfully watch a subtitled movie on my in-seat-TV while I knit it.
I also cast on for another pair of socks for me:
bluberry apricot
Socks being knit out of Blueberries and Apricots by Seacoast Handpainted. This was the "podcast" knitting. It started out being knit in a pattern from a UK knitting magazine that The Gambler gave me for Christmas (he's so awesome - tracking down an imported knitting magazine for me!), but I realized after knitting a few inches that there was absolutely no pooling on the 2x2 rib cuff:
blueberry apricot close
..but once I started adding in some slip stitches, the colours started to pool into thick spiral-type stripes. I often get that kind of pooling because I have to cast on extra stitches for socks to accomodate my large feet, so I decided to rip back, and just knit it in 2x2 rib, and save the stitch pattern for a sock yarn that was already pooling. Sorry - no photos of the pooling sock: once I decided to rip back, I did it right away before my resolve weakened.

I of course packed several knitting projects for the trip - which is a good thing, because it looks like there is going to be a cold snap for the next few days. Which made this an excellent time for me to finish this:
Antifreeze from knitty, or, as I have christened it, Antifrostbite. It had been sitting in a UFO pile for, well, almost a year now. I actually would have finished it last year, but I made some modifications on the face portion that didn't work, and I had to rip it back, and then last year's January cold snap had passed, and we headed to Toronto/Chicago for 10 days, etc. I still had to rip back a few times yesterday when I was finishing this, because I made some modifications that didn't work out well - I was paranoid that it wouldn't cover my entire nose, or that the face opening would be too big, and of course the opening ended up being too small. In the end, I added some extra short rows, and then did a garter stitch/EZ sewn bind off instead of the crochet trim as called for in the pattern. I'm going to wear it today: it's -10 Celcius, and it's going to be windy.

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Comments on "Socks on a Plane"


Blogger Dreams of Yarn said ... (Sun Jan 20, 11:13:00 AM EST) : 

Hey Love the Anitfreeze, looks great! Enjoy your time in BC


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Sun Jan 20, 12:30:00 PM EST) : 

Antifreeze is done! Wow, I remember when you cast that on!


Blogger Stacie said ... (Sun Jan 20, 01:52:00 PM EST) : 

i need to knit one of those! I was on ambulance call the other night, and afraid I'd end up in a ditch somewhere freezing my face off. luckily, there was no calls...


Blogger turtlegirl76 said ... (Sun Jan 20, 05:39:00 PM EST) : 

As much as we're tempted to put a stitch pattern on a sock, sometimes it's best left to simplicity. The socks all look great! And yay! Antifreeze is finally done!


Blogger Jo said ... (Sun Jan 20, 06:36:00 PM EST) : 

I love the muted tones in the first sock - it's too bad it is difficult to work with.


Blogger Somer said ... (Sun Jan 20, 10:42:00 PM EST) : 

Your Antifrostbite :) turned out great, hope it keeps you nice and toasty. The gambler's socks are coming along nicely!
Love following what you are knitting SP, I hope to be adding to your stash soon :)
Have a great time outdoors!


Anonymous Nora said ... (Sun Jan 20, 11:15:00 PM EST) : 

Next time you need something from the Knittey, let me know - I get a 20% disc! [And I'll organise faster shipping for you.] :)


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