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Saturday, September 29, 2007

What's in that bag?

Here's my slightly tardy blogstalking assignment for the week - purse guts: This is the "travel" purse that I used last week; it's a Coach bag that I received as a present several years back. The darkness of the strap is not an illusion - it's discoloration from suntan lotion! It's smaller than what I usually carry, but big enough to hold the essentials
Gum (for the flight), and some Origins chocolate flavoured lip gloss.
These were the needles I used to knit the baby hats - and the nail clippers that I use as thread cutters (airline security friendly, as opposed to mini scissors - because you know that you can do alot of damage with those wee little folding scissors; could possibly take someone's eye out!)
Museum guide, postcard advert for a play I was thinking of going to see, and hi-tech hotel room key.
Sunglasses, restaurant receipt, scribbled addresses, portable tooth scrubber, random Canadian coin, and Toronto Transit Commission ride token. The coin and token must have fallen out of this:My travel wallet - it's nice and flat, so it takes up less space than my usual wallet. However, since I often don't get around to switching the important things (like credit card and driver's licence) over after the trip, after I visit the US, I often find myself without any Canadian money.Digital Camera - I try to always have this in my purse, even when I am not travelling.

Pens (which always settle in the bottom of the purse), baggie from some nuts I was carrying to snack on (I re-use baggies ad infinitum - my Mom bought us a 4 box pack at Costco 2 or 3 years ago, and I think we are finally down to the last box))

Finally - the I-can't-really-explain-why-this-is-in-my-purse-object. I need to take this card to the Occupational Health Department at my hospital to prove to them that I have already wasted my time been properly fitted for an N95 mask at my previous place of employment. But first, I took it to Washington, DC.

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Comments on "What's in that bag?"


Blogger cpurl17 said ... (Sat Sep 29, 12:44:00 PM EDT) : 

Very neat and tidy!

I have a travel purse for business travel--it fits essentials and I can shove it inside my briefcase so, along with my carry on, I can skate by the 2-carry on rule.


Anonymous Debbie said ... (Sat Sep 29, 03:04:00 PM EDT) : 

yikes! thanks for the reminder. I've got to be fit test yet again for my mask.

Love the purse.


Blogger Jo said ... (Sat Sep 29, 07:19:00 PM EDT) : 

That's a nice bag - and until you explained the different coloured strap, I just assumed it was a design feature ;)


Anonymous anna said ... (Sat Sep 29, 09:35:00 PM EDT) : 

i really need to invest some time in having a travel purse ready. i don't travel that much, but it looks like you've got the science right for being compact in the packing department!


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Mon Oct 01, 10:53:00 AM EDT) : 

I never thought I liked the look of Coach purses, but I like that one.


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