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Friday, September 28, 2007

Now, with actual knitting content!

I thought that it was safest to not try to bring my clap with it's metal needles on board the flight to DC, so on the way down, I knit a few Hats for Alex out of a skein of Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora yarn (which is wonderfully soft and fuzzy without being too furry - I'd love to knit myself a sweater out of this. It would probably end up becoming the weekend at home uniform, meaning that it would eventually be very furry thanks to Greedo and Somerset)

I am amazed that there are babies out there small enough to fit the wee little hat. I deal exclusively with adults in the hospital, and it blows my mind when one of our nurses who also works in the NICU describes how tiny some of the babies are. I've eaten steaks bigger than some of those kids.
And while I was in DC, I was able to give the hats directly to Pam/Trillian42 :

We went to Stitches DC, and had some great Cuban food (Thanks again, Pam!!). I managed to find some souvenir yarn:


Hotaru is the Japanese word for firefly. The little white cotton bibblies reminded me of cherry blossoms (although in retrospect, they look more like pussy willows), so it struck me as being the perfect yarn selection. I'll use it to create a Sakura Salix Scarf one day.


Either way, the scarf will be a reminder of Spring - when I was growing up, the tradition at our church was to give out Pussy Willows rather than Palm leaves on Palm Sunday. I'm not sure if that is a Ukrainian thing, or a Prairie thing. By the way -a question for Ravelry members - what colour would you pick to describe this - White? Neutral? Pink? Brown? Why is there no option to choose 2 or 3 colours to describe a yarn?

I have to get my final package together for my knittyboard Secret Pal within the next week (in addition to about a million other things). My pal enjoys yoga, so I am knitting her a pair of yoga socks (which Somerset snuggled up and napped next to)
The yarn I am using is an orphan skein that I picked up in the basement at Romni during the last TTC Knitalong. I managed to lose the label, but I do recall that it is superwash and 100% wool, and it feels like a light worsted weight to me. The grey parts are actually a pale green, as you can better see with the flash:
I vaguely recall that the yardage was less than that of Silk Garden, but judging by the weight of the first sock, I should have enough to complete the second one. Or else I will have to cry. And then frog both of them back and re-knit it with 2 or 3 less rows on the top section. (I was NOT impressed when I originally weighed the skein - it was 45 grams! 10% underweight!! It's a good thing I got a 20% discount on it!)

It's a nice quick knit (I started it yesterday at the airport), and would be a good last minute gift. A good way to use up those orphan skeins of yarn, too!

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Comments on "Now, with actual knitting content!"


Blogger cpurl17 said ... (Fri Sep 28, 10:51:00 PM EDT) : 

Oh, how nice you got to meet Pam! Gosh, I need to get out more.

Sweet hats!


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Sat Sep 29, 12:54:00 AM EDT) : 

How cool that you got to hand them directly over!!! Nice socks. I like the way Somerset is doing some unconscious yarn huffing there.


Anonymous Kelly said ... (Sat Sep 29, 02:30:00 AM EDT) : 

You get the award for best new created word. Bibblies!


Blogger Trillian42 said ... (Sat Sep 29, 07:18:00 AM EDT) : 

Thanks again for the hats, sweetie. I had a blast - it was really great to get to meet you!

And as a major lover of variegated yarns, I usually hold it out, blur my eyes, and see what color pops out the most. I'd say possibly the brown with that one.


Blogger turtlegirl76 said ... (Sat Sep 29, 08:13:00 AM EDT) : 

I do the eye blur like Pam and would probably pick brown. I'm so glad you got to meet Pam! She's awesome isn't she?


Blogger CathyCate said ... (Sat Sep 29, 08:41:00 AM EDT) : 

The knitting content was worth waiting for!!
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who 1) buys souvenir yarn (but then you can't KNIT it except for something/someone very special and appropriate! -- which is hard to explain to other members of the household questioning the space allotted to stash or one's souvenir purchases)
and not the only one who 2) is a sucker for orphan skeins. I find them hard to resist -- I want to give them a home, alone and unloved and unwanted as they are.
Remembering that Ravelry is still beta, definitely that's feedback that Casey and Jess should get. I ran into the same frustration. (Then I stopped uploading stash, and in fact may take away what I already did. It would take way too long and be way too embarrassing to put it all up. FOs, now, that I can do.)


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