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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The worm turns!

No need to adjust your screen - that's a hair on Greedo. One of my hairs judging by the length.
I'm shedding on him!!

Greedo was not amused...

...but Somerset thought that it was hilarious!


Comments on "The worm turns!"


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Thu Feb 08, 09:15:00 AM EST) : 

Ha ha!!! I might have to go empty my hairbrush on a pair of kitties I know. Too funny!


Blogger Trillian42 said ... (Thu Feb 08, 10:48:00 AM EST) : 

That picture is HILARIOUS.


Blogger Zonda said ... (Thu Feb 08, 11:46:00 AM EST) : 

Ha! See it's payback for all the times they shed on us! :) Wild picture of Somerset!!


Blogger Rochelle said ... (Thu Feb 08, 11:52:00 AM EST) : 

I love your cats!! You're so lucky. I wish I had some but alas I am allergic and where it didn't bother me when I was younger, now I can't stop sneezing.


Blogger Carol said ... (Thu Feb 08, 12:18:00 PM EST) : 

Good thing humans don't get hairballs!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Fri Feb 09, 09:49:00 AM EST) : 

Greetingd from your Favorite Color swap pal!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Fri Feb 09, 09:49:00 AM EST) : 

OK. I totally meant 'greetings!"


Blogger Kathy Kathy Kathy said ... (Fri Feb 09, 04:23:00 PM EST) : 

Are you sure that's your hair? Are you sure Guido's faithful to you? Don't ignore the signs!


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