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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Project Spectrum Saturday

We've had a few foggy days in a row; the whole world is gray, white, and blue.
My official Project Spectrum Project is an intarsia block afghan that I'm knitting out of some Sirdar Spree. It's from Yarnplay
The Spree is a bulky cotton/acrylic blend; I love how the blue yarn looks faded.
I have completed the bottom panel of the Poppy. This is a photo when it was about 75% completed. The stripes/purl rows are supposed to be random. In an attempt to achieve true randomness, I ran the "random stripe generator", grabbed a coin and a die, and decided that I would let chance determine the patterning.

Maybe I should take a trip to Vegas, because I was able to flip heads 5 times in a row, as well as roll a '5' 4 times in a row, and then a '2' twice in a row. So I instead came up with an arrangement that looked more random than the random one.

Comments on "Project Spectrum Saturday"


Blogger Zonda said ... (Sat Feb 10, 11:40:00 PM EST) : 

I like the start of your afghan. Poppy is looking good! I like how you are doing the stripes! :)


Blogger Lisa Shobhana said ... (Sun Feb 11, 09:09:00 AM EST) : 

i love the colors you chose for your
poppy. very sophisticated!


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Sun Feb 11, 09:17:00 AM EST) : 

Intarsia...shudder. But I think I could handle a simple block. Your's is looking good!!


Blogger yarnmaniac said ... (Sun Feb 11, 02:17:00 PM EST) : 

I, too, like the colors you chose for Poppy. It looks great!


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