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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Favorite Color Swap Questionnaire

1. What are your top three favorite colors?
Lime green, teal, deep red

2. What crafts do you really enjoy?
Knitting. I also dabble in making stitch markers. I have vague plans to start doing collage, maybe combining it with watercolours.

3. What products do you really covet?
I'd like to try Koigu sock yarn, or Handmaiden Sea Silk, and I kick myself on a daily basis for not buying Blue Moon Fibre Arts Bamboo sock yarn when I had the chance.

4. What other activities do you enjoy besides your favorite crafty things?
Skiing (downhill and nordic), reading (some fiction, but a bit heavy on sociology related stuff of late), travelling (especially to large cities - I love checking out museums, street life, shops), digital photography.

5. Is there anything you collect?
Other than significant amounts of cat hair on my clothing, not really. I pick up pretty/quirky/amusing items from time to time, and have also bought a few paintings/drawings, but there's no specific theme.

6. What is your zodiac sign and/or Chinese zodiac symbol?
I'm a Libra. It's been a while since I last ate in a Chinese restaurant that had zodiac placemats; I think I'm a sheep. Or maybe a rabbit. Whatever animal was assigned to 1967.

7.What are your favorite……scents/smells? Cloves, jasmine …types of music and/or bands? Is anyone ever able to successfully answer this question other than to indicate the genres of music that they don't like? I like stuff that isn't crap …authors? Somerset Maugham …animals? my 2 cats …places to shop? Yarn shops, consignment shops, used book stores, small boutiques (I have no desire to look like everyone else, and try to avoid non-Canadian chain stores if at all possible)…season? it's a tie - early summer and mid winter …yarn/fabric/paper/other craft supplies? …candies or goodies? With the exception of gingerbread, if it's not chocolate, I'm not interested. I loooove dark chocolate.

8. Do you have any wish lists?
Nothing online, but I do wish for:
- a Noni Bobble bag pattern
- one of those brass stitch gauge/needle gauge thingies that has a 4x4 opening to accurately determine your gauge
- A "how to use Adobe Photoshop" book, because the help function is rarely of any help to me.
- An X-acto precision knife
- something in which I can store my circs
- something in which I can store my small dpns
And finally, I would love to get handpainted sock yarn that matches Somerset's fur colours.

9. Are you allergic to anything?

10. Do you have any pets? What are they?
I have 2 cats, and they are my child equivalents.

11. Please include anything else you would like your secret pal to know about you- anything that would be helpful in finding you little gifts that you will really enjoy.
I've got loads of tea in inventory right now, and don't really need any more.


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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Sun Feb 11, 09:08:00 AM EST) : 

Thanks for the post!!

Great blog in general, by the way!!

-your favorite color pal


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