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Friday, June 09, 2006

Magic loop rocks!

Since I am supposed to wait for a while before officially starting my World Cup Sweater, I decided to give the Magic loop a try. It is awesome. I want a T shirt that says "I heart Magic Loop"! I was using a 47 inch addi circ on my Somewhat Neglected Cowl, and I was just pulling out excess cable intermittently. When I do pick it back up, I will definitely try magic looping it.

I then set out trying Wendy's toe-up sock methods. I cast on using the figure eight technique, and made a pretty good toe (although the cast on stitches were a wee bit loose). I then frogged the toe, and did the measurements to figure out how many stitches to cast on for Wendy's toe-up sock pattern. As always, the number (56) fell between 2 different numbers that would be divisible by 4 and yield an even number of stitches for the toe cast on. So I decided that I should cast on 8 stitches, as if I was using 48 inches, but just do some extra toe rows to get to 56. Meaning that my "dry run" toe that I had just frogged could have been continued on. Arrrgh! I tried to cast on again, but had a problem with how I had the yarn organized. So instead, i just went to bed.

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