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Monday, January 18, 2010

Stick a Fork in This Scarf...

Because it is done!

(Except for weaving in the ends, that is)
All told it used up 8 full skeins of Mille Colori from my stash, as well as the partial skeins that were left over from the first Mille Colori scarf. It's a bit more than 9 feet long.
Now that it's done, I want to try to get that second sleeve done on my Poppy. I am off this weekend, so hopefully I can get the shoulder cap and at least a bit of sleeve done before I am back to work on Monday.


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Year's Project!

Almost 5 feet of 1x1 rib:

Widening the scarf to 55 stitches has significantly increased the yarn requirements - initially the plan was to use 2 skeins of a blue colourway, 2 skeins of a bright multi colourway, and a single skein of a blue plus pastel skein as well as a single skein of a muted multi colourway. However, I have instead resorted to using up the random skeins of Mille Colori that I picked up from a clearance bin, as well as the leftovers from the first Mille Colori striped scarf that I knitted.
I am still debating whether I should use the same 2 colourways at the end of the scarf so that the 2 ends coordinate to some extent. However, in order to have adequate yarn, I might end up having to use 2 skeins which are predominantly browns and greys.
It's stash busting vs. aesthetics.
Luckily The Gambler is a) a guy and b) colourblind, so he is probably not going to be very concerned if the colour schemes don't "flow" throughout the scarf.