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Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's that Tweeting sound?

What is that Tweeting sound?

Since I am too lazy unable to sort out how to blog from my Blackberry (plus for some reason I can't upload Blackberry photos to Flickr), I have started to use my Twitter account.

I actually first learned about Twitter back in 2007 when we were in Berlin. The Museum of Communications had an exhibit featuring a web page projected on a wall. Every few seconds, a random statement would appear from somewhere in the world. The exhibit explained that this was an online service which allowed people to post brief messages for all to see. There was a terminal that you could post at using the museum's account; I am pretty sure that we both posted something that day. Truth be told I was more impressed by the exhibit which showed photos of heavily tatooed people accompanied by their statements about what tatoos meant to them/why they did it, etc.

Subsequently, Twitter became all the rage, and I opened a Twitter account last year, but I did very little with it. A month or 2 ago, a new twitter app showed up on my Blackberry which made it easy to log on. So now I'm following several knitting buddies and intermittently tweeting as LadyLungDoc.


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Blogger Batty said ... (Sun Oct 03, 09:40:00 AM EDT) : 

I'm not on Twitter, but I love the idea of cats Tweeting. "I keep tweeting and tweeting but no birdie... what's with that???"


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