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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Knit a sweater in November - hahah that's a good one!

I am so out of the loop that I did not even realize it is National Cram an Insane Amount of Activity Into Thirty Days Month (NaCrInAmAcInThMo?) until I was dropping in on a SnB that I don't usually attend and someone mentioned that they were on track to knit their target number of stitches for the month. The person suggested that one could still meet a goal of 15,000 by knitting 1,000 stitches per day.

Right now there are some weeks where I might be lucky to get 100 stitches in. Luckily, I have been off since Saturday, and between naps I have had the time to do some work on Poppy.

Poppy nov 18 front

I have started to do some decreases, and am quite happy with how the sleeve is fitting at this point.
Poppy nov 18 oblique

I'm very happy to have reached the point where I can perceive actual progress on the sleeve. Unfortunately, I am wondering if my somewhat irregular "jogs" where I switch skeins are too obvious, meaning that I should rip it back and start over:

Poppy nov 18 wonky arm

Does it look too Frankensweaterish?


Sunday, November 08, 2009

Getting ready for The Games

Synchronapping:pan am

Somerset and Greedo are hoping to make the synchronized napping team...

Saturday, November 07, 2009

If I could knit during meetings, I'd have a drawer full of sweaters!


Happenings of late have led to many meetings that I must attend - sometimes 2 or 3 a day. There is much need for contingency planning and trouble-shooting right now. And then there's that whole providing patient care schtick; it does tend to cut into my knitting time. Heck - it's cutting into my sleeping time - yesterday was the start of 3 days off, and my afternoon was spent taking a 4 hour nap.

This weekend's project is socks:

Nov 7 tweedmanaire
(I really really need to start taking pictures with my real camera rather than just with my Blackberry)
These are socks for The Gambler that I started knitting while we were on holiday in September - I am calling them Tweedmanaire - the pattern is Luminaire, the yarn is Regia Tweed which Glenna passed on to me. I've just finished the foot of the first sock, and I am halfway through the heel of the second sock. The second sock is that far along because I got to a part of the sock where I had to refer to the pattern, so I slipped the stitches onto waste yarn and resumed work on the first sock to make it more transit knitting appropriate.

Poppy is proceeding at a slow pace - the first sleeve is in a black hole phase where I knit and knit but it doesn't get any longer. (I'm not working on it this weekend because it is sitting at the condo - I brought it with me to Wednesday's SnB, and then stayed at the condo that night so that I could make it to the hospital at the crack of dawn.) I've already found my post-Poppy project: The Diagonal-Front Jacket from Debbie Bliss Home

Of course it's that time of year where I am starting to think about Christmas presents...maybe this year will be a good year to give books!