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Monday, May 18, 2009

A long weekend of knitting

We spent the Victoria Day Weekend with my friend Ute at her cottage. The weather was very conducive to knitting. Although I brought several WIPs along, I spent most of the weekend knitting these:

Cottage cloths

Even though it is a simple pattern, the classic Ballband Dishcloth never fails to impress. And these ones match her kitchen!

The yarn is Carezza :colours 26, 27, and 4.


Comments on "A long weekend of knitting"


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Tue May 19, 06:56:00 AM EDT) : 

How have I not seen those brown shades of cotton yarn?

And I must know, what is a Ute doing so far north? ;-)


Blogger Musclemom said ... (Tue May 19, 04:34:00 PM EDT) : 

These dishclothes are totally addictive. I meant to knit 2 of these for a friend. 6 disclothes later, I had to force myself to put the needles down and get on with other projects. Now I'm afraid of trying again -- and since I have been using one of these dishclothes for myself, I find them really great.


Blogger cpurl17 said ... (Tue May 19, 07:29:00 PM EDT) : 

Sometimes knitting lovely dishcloths is the perfect way to spend a long weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (Tue May 19, 10:41:00 PM EDT) : 

Perfect cottage gift! I wish I'd been able to knit more myself this weekend.


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