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Monday, May 11, 2009

Bad news and good news

Well, the I-cord neckline looks nice, but it is still too small - about 18 inches around, and the recipient has a head circumference somewhere in the 18.5-19.5 inch range.

So once again, I have ripped it out. The next step is to knit the I-cord bind off using a larger needle.

(btw - someone suggested the K2 tog, slip back on the needle, repeat bind off - that was the "stretchy bindoff " that didn't work even when I went up a needle size)

The good news is that I picked up a shirt and tights to go along with the jumper:


Check out the colour coordination:


Now if I could just finish that damned neckline...


Comments on "Bad news and good news"


Blogger turtlegirl76 said ... (Tue May 12, 07:30:00 AM EDT) : 

Did you try the sewn bind off?


Blogger Jo said ... (Tue May 12, 08:42:00 AM EDT) : 

I'm sorry about the issues - but the jumper and matching tights are adorable.


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Tue May 12, 11:12:00 AM EDT) : 

Can you steek a little slit in the back and make a little button closure? That's what I would do. But I'm lazy.

Love the completed outfit!


Blogger kVicknits said ... (Tue May 12, 03:37:00 PM EDT) : 

Here is an alternative to the steaking (which is a great idea too). Undo one shoulder, or both, and add button bands and button hole bands. If you found some snazzy buttons that match those tights it would take an totally adorable outfit (believe me, any mother will appreciate that is all looks so great together) and add a bit more icing!


Blogger kVicknits said ... (Tue May 12, 03:37:00 PM EDT) : 

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger kVicknits said ... (Tue May 12, 03:37:00 PM EDT) : 

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger Christina K. said ... (Wed May 13, 11:54:00 AM EDT) : 

This is going to be a very well dressed baby. Looks lovely!


Blogger Maggie said ... (Wed May 13, 08:24:00 PM EDT) : 

Oh, those tights! Sigh. Love.


Blogger Chelle said ... (Thu May 14, 11:42:00 PM EDT) : 

I love the jumper...and the tights are just perfect!


Blogger Kathy Kathy Kathy said ... (Fri May 15, 02:49:00 AM EDT) : 

Oooh! Good job. That is on my to knit list. Excellent match job, as well.


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