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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Last Saturday before recess ends...

I start work a week from Monday, and am in the process of trying to adjust from Pacific to Eastern time zones. Which means early to bed and early to rise.

Usually before sunup.

Ev tracked down a sockette pattern for me (many thanks!!), so that's the current active WIP. I'm using a skein of Jawoll cotton (which doesn't have a mate, so I can't use it to make a real pair of socks). I managed to knit up a sockette while flying/waiting in airports last weekend, but unfortunately, the pattern was written for "sockinette" sizes, rather than shoe sizes. You know how women's socks often say "fits sizes 8-11"? That isn't shoe sizes; it's sock sizes. And sock sizes run much smaller than women's US shoe sizes. So the sockette pictured above is my second attempt.

Comments on "Last Saturday before recess ends..."


Blogger Sandi Purl said ... (Sat Feb 24, 12:34:00 PM EST) : 

gorgeous sky. loving the sock-ie!


Blogger Batty said ... (Sat Feb 24, 01:42:00 PM EST) : 

What a beautiful picture! If I woke up to that every day, I'd have an easier time getting out of bed.

Stockinette is a happy thing. Not having to count every stitch is so relaxing.


Blogger Zonda said ... (Sun Feb 25, 12:52:00 AM EST) : 

That is a gorgeous sky! Nice looking sock there! Glad we can see your socks now LOL!

Congrats with starting your new job!


Blogger Monika said ... (Sun Feb 25, 12:35:00 PM EST) : 

What an amazing picture! Wonderful to be able to see something like that! I like the sock yarn too! And yes, I have already written the Ashes sock pattern. A friend is test knitting it, so it will be up on my blog soon. Oh, and I LOVE your sheep tea cozy! ;o)


Blogger Elaine said ... (Tue Feb 27, 09:55:00 AM EST) : 

What colorway is the Jawoll cotton? It's really nice.



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