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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Amy!

When I was young, I had an uncle who somehow knew (then)President Jimmy Carter. My sisters and I (i.e. my Mom) sent Amy Carter a Ukranian doll, and we recieved a thank you note back from her on White House Stationary. I think my Mom framed it.

Years later I remember seeing a picture of Amy on her wedding day, as well as some photos taken of her when she was arrested during a student protest as a university student. She was wearing glasses in her wedding photo - I think that's so great. I am totally generalizing on the basis of a few photos, but I imagine that she's a pretty neat, yet unassuming person. I wonder if she is a knitter.

As promised - a quilt I actually completed. This one is a lap sized quilt. Tumbling blocks, maybe?
I actually took my unfinished quilt top to the local quilting supply store (LQSS?) on the weekend, and suffered minor emotional trauma. After the woman at the till finished dealing with a "real" customer, I brought her my quilt top (that I had put in a grocery bag), and explained to her that I was looking for someone to finish this quilt, because I didn't even have a sewing machine anymore, etc. She asked me "Do you want it quilted?" Which seemed like a pretty obvious thing to me...then she asked "Is it finished?", and I said "Well, the strips are sewn together, but it needs to have a backing sewn on"...and started to pull it out of the bag. She then gave me a look that I can only imagine a yarn shop owner would give to someone who pulls a tangled mess of cheap acrylic yarn out of their bag, opened a drawer, pulled out a pamphlet for the local quilter's guild, and said "We don't do that here. Why don't you get in touch with these people?" I felt like an illiterate person who walked in on a book club meeting. Walked out of the shop with my grocery bag in hand. Got in my car, and marvelled at the fact that I literally have a wall full of degrees and certificates, and yet I was made to feel about 2 inches tall by this woman.

Poop on her - I bet she couldn't come up with these stitch markers on her own:

Using pliers from the hardware store, no less!

OK, poop on Blogger for not letting me upload any more photos either last night or this morning. I swear by all that is holy that I will figure out how to use Photobucket when I get back from the upcoming trip out of town

Comments on "Happy Birthday Amy!"


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Thu Oct 19, 11:17:00 AM EDT) : 

She could have been a little less cold about it!! Jeepers!


Anonymous Meredith said ... (Thu Oct 19, 12:32:00 PM EDT) : 

Yup, definitely double poop on her! That was just a rude thing for her to do to you.
The quilt looks absolutely beautiful! You did a really nice job on it.


Blogger Sandi Purl said ... (Thu Oct 19, 12:33:00 PM EDT) : 

i gotta say it, that lady is an arse. totally poop on her! and the quilt --> gorge-ASS!!!


Blogger turtlegirl76 said ... (Thu Oct 19, 04:12:00 PM EDT) : 

It's a Q-Bert Quilt!

And that lady - complete wench.


Blogger OldLadyPenPal said ... (Thu Oct 19, 08:10:00 PM EDT) : 

No no, just join me on WordPress.
If that lady were a man, I'd say she has a small penis. But alas. Perhaps, if she's married, her husband has a small penis.... Must be why she's acting like one.

I like the quilt!


Blogger Duchess said ... (Fri Oct 20, 03:36:00 AM EDT) : 

lovely markers.
i marvel at people sometimes. does she want you to come back and spend money there? obviously not, or she wouldn't have been so rude.


Blogger Zonda said ... (Fri Oct 20, 06:11:00 AM EDT) : 

Um..That lady is a jerk!! That's it I said it!! Quilt stores do quilting!!! They could have sewn the borders on (long side and end strips) and quilted it for you!! Geesh!! Gorgeous stitch markers BTW!!


Blogger mjm knitting said ... (Fri Oct 20, 07:02:00 AM EDT) : 

lovely stitch markers. i like the jack-o-lantern ones.

that lady should not be in the retail industry. i hope she's not the owner but if she is, i can't see her buisness lasting long with that kind of attitude.


Blogger Jessica said ... (Tue Oct 24, 06:12:00 PM EDT) : 

poop on her for sure. AND I loved loved loved your stitch markers. I was ecstatic when I got some Halloween ones!! YAY. Thanks so much!!


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