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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The secret to looking young

OK, I am almost 39 years old. I was a teenager during the 80's. Neon lace, Adam Ant and black rubber bracelets are a thing of the past (except for the fact the Adam Ant gets surprisingly frequent airplay on Sirius First Wave, but I suspect one of the programmers is the former president of his fan club) So why do I still get acne breakouts? In the last 2 days, I have had not one, but 2 painful spots suddenly appear. This is probably why people always think that I am in my 20's - the acne gives me that "youthful" look. Sigh. Time to go track down the tea tree gel and salicylate lotion.

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Blogger OldLadyPenPal said ... (Thu Jul 20, 04:54:00 PM EDT) : 

we are obviously twins seperated at birth, seven years apart by different mothers....


Anonymous the kitchener bitch said ... (Thu Jul 20, 09:52:00 PM EDT) : 

I consider it one of the great indignities of my life that nobody told me I'd have pimples and gray hair AT THE SAME TIME.


Blogger turtlegirl76 said ... (Thu Jul 20, 10:18:00 PM EDT) : 

I use some Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick (it's a liquid with a rollerball) and it works really well. I too, thought this ended once you got a diploma. Sheesh.


Blogger krisknits2 said ... (Fri Jul 21, 05:51:00 PM EDT) : 

I too thought that acne would depart after puberty. One of the great lies we hear to cajole us through the awful teenage years.


Blogger Lorette said ... (Fri Jul 21, 07:10:00 PM EDT) : 

Wait till you start getting hot flashes, gray hair, periods, and zits, all at the same time.
Benefits cosmetics makes a product called Boo Boo Zap that is a lifesaver.


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