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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Eyes have it

Chicago Sightseeing:

Eye on you

Our summer "holiday" in Chicago involved a me attending a 5 day review course. The only way to make it through lectures that went from 7 until 5:30 was to bring some knitting. (By the way - did you know that if the atmospheric humidity is >70%, your sweat cannot evaporate? That was one little factoid I picked up during the course that I am quite enthralled with given that I don't think I will ever get used to humid Southern Ontario summers. Although I firmly believe that the statement "It's a dry cold, so it's not so bad" is complete and utter bullshit when the temperature is below -20C, it is waaaay easier to tolerate heat when the humidity is low)

gedifra vest
This vest is from a Gedifra booklet. I probably could have finished this before the end of the flight home if I hadn't ended up frogging several sections a few times. Since I forgot to bring a cable needle with me, I ended up using various other implements; first a swizzle stick, then a pen, and finally a crochet hook. (Cabling without a needle wasn't feasible because I often had to put my knitting down to take notes). What's the fun of knitting if you don't repurpose non-knitting items from time to time?

Gedifra Vest (complete with head!)

Although the pattern is written for worsted weight yarn, I used Cotanani that I picked up at Passionknit on clearance this June. It claims to be DK weight, but which seemed much plumper to me, and I was able to get gauge without it being too loose.

gedifra vest back

I am on a bit of a vest/tank kick right now - for a few reasons:
1. With the hot humid weather we have been having, it just seems wrong to knit something with long sleeves. Even if the weather will be different by the time I finish it.
2. I have acquired a collection of yarns in amounts less than that required to knit a full adult garment, but more than what would be needed for a hat or mittens.
2.1 Even though the amount might be perfect for a scarf, I do not like knitting scarves because they seem to take forever and for a huge percentage of the project they do not appear to get any longer no matter how much you knit.
2.2 Even though the amount might be perfect for a baby/small child garment, I knit very few baby/child garments because I am selfish most of the yarns I have are too nice high maintenance, plus I usually buy vibrant/dark colours.
3. Along with a long torso which requires extra knitting, I also have long arms, which require even more extra knitting. Vests and tanks have no arms.
4. I usually wear a lab coat at work, and a sweater in anything other than a very fine yarn is usually a bit too warm underneath. However, a vest is perfect, especially during the spring and fall when the air conditioning is turned up too high.

This weekend after I finished sewing up the vest, I knit several swatches with 2 different yarns: Yin (clearance quantity) and Kiwi laceweight (which turned out to be a true laceweight, thus not an appropriate sub for Rowan 4 ply). I started on a Green Gable, but realized that in order to get gauge, the fabric would be too loose for my liking, so I instead am reswatching for Emerald Seas(because I was keen enough to swatch in the round for Green Gable, so now I need to swatch flat!).
The Kiwi is going to be used for Arbor (with the yarn doubled up). In this case, I swatched flat, but now need to swatch in the lace pattern.

Hmmmm...perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I am on a swatch kick right now. I am just cranking out those little 12cm x12 cm squares.

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Comments on "The Eyes have it"


Blogger kingshearte said ... (Wed Aug 11, 07:34:00 AM EDT) : 

I can't really speak for Southern Ontario, but I can tell you that this summer has not been normal for Eastern Ontario. The heat and humidity are not normally this insane.

Interesting, though, about the sweat not being able to evaporate if it's too humid. Explains a lot.

As for dry cold being easier to take, I find it absolutely true. I have spent winters in Nova Scotia, where the temperature may not always be quite as low as it is here, but it just sinks all the way through you, and nothing seems to keep it out. In a dry cold, you just put on enough layers (especially ones that will cut wind) and you're OK.


Blogger Wells said ... (Wed Aug 11, 08:40:00 PM EDT) : 

Hi Lisa! I was is Chicago too! (Jul 29-Aug9). Did you get to any of the yarn shops?

Linda in Ottawa


Blogger turtlegirl76 said ... (Thu Aug 12, 06:15:00 PM EDT) : 

Ooh I love that vest! The detailing on it really adds to the finished piece and really flatters your figure!

Oh! And may I say a big fat THANK YOU! for the awesome turtle sock change purse! It's so stinking cute! I love it! Thank you for thinking of me!


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