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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Build it and they will come*

As promised, more pictures:

This is part of what remains of the palace that Augustus Caesar built on top of the Palatine Hill.
Scrabble, anyone?

Yes, that's THE Senate. It's kind of sad that most, if not all of my knowledge of Roman history comes from having watched the HBO series (that Marc Anthony was dreamy...a cad, but dreamy)

Legend has it that if a liar puts his/her hand in the mouth of this thing, it will get bitten off. Our tour guide said it was probably a sewer hole cover at one point in time. Surprisingly, there was a long line of people waiting to stick their hand in the hole that nasty stuff travelled through.

Somehow, I imagine that these City employees don't find cobblestones very charming and quaint.

*So this weekend, The Gambler and I took a short trip to Ottawa - he fenced in a tournament, and I managed to catch up with some Ottawa Knitters.

Nancy, Leanne, and (blogless) Linda joined me for a fun afternoon of drinks and chat. We covered all of the big topics - Famous Internet Knitters, religion, ravelry, sex, brownies, and politics. I told them about my latest hobby - starting up Ravelry groups and then abandoning them setting them free. At one point, Leanne declared her love of grafting. Then she said the fateful words - "We should start a Grafters for Obama Group".

So I did. Yesterday evening I started it up (it was an excellent opportunity for me to avoid working on a talk I have to give in 2 weeks), and made the 4 of us charter members.

We are now up to 11 members; only 5 of us are in on the joke as far as I know. I don't know whether I should laugh or be scared...

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Comments on "Build it and they will come*"


Blogger Bezzie said ... (Tue Oct 07, 08:59:00 PM EDT) : 

Oh the handbiter thingy!!! I remember reading about that in a very old 1950-something National Geographic. Didn't think it was a line-worthy attraction!


Blogger betseydoodle said ... (Tue Oct 07, 10:10:00 PM EDT) : 

It was a joke??? But i like grafting, and I like Obama....(snickers)

Brownie meeting next time your up in Ottawa!

The badge tonight was "Human Health and Hygiene"


Blogger Wells said ... (Wed Oct 08, 01:43:00 PM EDT) : 

We are now 15 - two more as a result of our Brownie meeting.

Build it and they will come, indeed!


Blogger undeadgoat said ... (Thu Oct 09, 02:42:00 AM EDT) : 

Facebook groups totally do the same thing--like one time some friends of mine created a "pro-spooning" group because of an inside joke/incident, and random people started joining because spooning is a good thing. It was rather surreal.


Blogger Leanne said ... (Thu Oct 09, 07:15:00 AM EDT) : 

I think GfO (you're only a REAL group when you start getting referred to by your acronym, like BID or LSG) is destined to become the next big thing on Ravelry. Really really.

I'm glad we created a loving home for people who love both grafting and Obama.


Blogger Lisa said ... (Thu Oct 09, 05:22:00 PM EDT) : 

Leanne and Nancy said I couldn't have my health and hygiene badge unless I joined.

So I did.

And I had some brownies.

(seriously - you HAVE to come back to Ottawa for the brownies - I think she puts crack in them)


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